care who you are

Vydáno: 20.03.2013

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the window

Vydáno: 08.11.2012

Window is one special thing .The connection between your room and the outside .The noise , the light and the fresh air come from the window .I think this is one really important pa... Celý článek

words of truth

Vydáno: 25.10.2012

Mother used to ask me to change my telephone because it was too old. Yes, I used this phone for more than 3 years already .This is my phone which is used for the longest now .And w... Celý článek

family poem

Vydáno: 24.10.2012

Trying to be honest .Sometime as a man you would feel the high pressure on you .You have to face the whole family .They open their mouths waiting to be fed .And I am also the only ... Celý článek

long time

Vydáno: 12.09.2012

Long time already .Finally I have come back again .And for the blog I suddenly find I feel like writing my true feelings about the life and it is one amazing ideas which we love re... Celý článek

god have given

Vydáno: 23.07.2012

Some people around me usually complain about his life .Such as he can hardly afford one house for himself even he would work for all his life or the car is too expensive that he wo... Celý článek

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